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Personalize Your Passover & Prepare For JOY

1355760_17767233-1024x680There is an amazing concept in Judaism, one which radically contradicts the spirit of a life based on the hard-won freedoms of the contemporary world, and which would be puzzling to most Westerners. That is, when a person performs a mitzva simply because it is commanded by God, the merit is greater than for one who performs a mitzvah out of other motives alone, even the kindness of their heart.

Ideally, we observe the halachos within their parameters*, not only because are we commanded to, but because we love God and His Torah so much we want to fulfill His will.

Then there is Pesach.

And then there is a Breslov Pesach.

Rebbe Nachman of Breslov said: “It is written that ever person should choose one observance and keep it very strictly with all its fine points…Even with this observance you should not be abnormally strict to the point of foolishness. Certainly, do not let it make you depressed. Simply keep all its finer points without fanaticism.”* Continue reading Personalize Your Passover & Prepare For JOY