Rebbe Nachman of Breslov is well-known for his stories, his teachings, and the incredible ability he has to touch and lift-up the deepest part of us.

Breslov Woman Rochel Flemister-Gale, shares one of her poems, inspired by one of the Rebbe’s most famous teachings (if you want to share your artwork, poetry, or music, please contact me):

If you believe you can damage, believe you can repair.

Fixing the Puzzle 

A Poem by Rochel Flemister-Gale

I wonder sometimes if I can fix things which have been broken for oh so long.
Feeling like the storm will never pass,
I sail with the northern winds.
Loosing all my puzzle pieces–
Day by day I try to put them back together.
But unable to patch things up I sink back into despair.
Back into those big black wings
Where I felt a comfort zone so unnatural but real.
But then hope prevails and I see a glimpse of what my future has in store for me.
A better day will be,
A time where many happy days will come.
Good will prevail over evil.
And I will be a shining star in this big galaxy.
In the Holy words of Rebbe Nachman:
“If you believe you can damage, then believe you can fix.”
“If you believe that you can harm, then believe you can heal.”
So I’m fixing.
And so I am healing.


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