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Slipping On An Invisible Banana Peel

Banana_PeelWhile learning Rebbe Nachman of Breslov’s most famous lesson, Azamra (LM 1, 282), with a newish learning partner, we came across the section which says when a person begins to take a good hard look at herself, she is liable to find that she has so many flaws, and such an absence of good deeds, that the forces of negativity hijack her self-condemnation and use it to push her into a bleak depression (G-d forbid).

And in fact, depression is a real pitfall of examining oneself with too much harshness. But, we still must examine ourselves if we want to grow. Continue reading Slipping On An Invisible Banana Peel


Rebbe Nachman of Breslov is well-known for his stories, his teachings, and the incredible ability he has to touch and lift-up the deepest part of us. Continue reading Breslov Woman Poetry

The Power Of The Sukkah


The sukkah is a segulah for having children.

The sukkah brings relief from troubles and conflict.

Falsehood is cast aside and truth has the upper hand.

The true Teacher of the generation is revealed and the entire world comes back to God and worships him with total unity.

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