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BreslovMatch was launched last night, and the yetzer hara immediately went into attack mode. Technical problems are causing the page to not appear to site visitors, while it shows up in the “dashboard”. Moshe and I’ve contacted WordPress technical support and am waiting for them to get back to us.

Thanks for your patience!

Israel Army Prepares to Enter Gaza Strip

Sending Spiritual Inspiration To Israel

Yesterday, Sunday August 10, at least 12 missiles were fired by Hamas into Israel. Since Operation Protective Edge began, over 3400 missiles were fired into Israel by Hamas, missiles that never reached their intended targets due to the miraculous supervision of Hashem. Even those missiles not destroyed by Iron Dome landed in areas empty of people, sometimes by seconds!

Each “cease fire” is a game played by Hamas to regroup and make new demands. Meanwhile, many Israeli soldiers are still on active duty. And they still need our prayers and on-the-spot inspiration. You may have already heard of the Send a Spiritual Protective Edge to IDF Soldiers campaign which has met 77 percent of its goal! But there are still thousands of soldiers and their families who have not yet received their copies of Tikkun Haklali and other inspiring, pocket-sized books by Rebbe Nachman of Breslov.

Please: Visit the Spiritual Protective Edge page and give a dollar—or more—today! And please, if you’ve already given, or are unable to give, email your friends and post the link on Facebook. 


There is no Brooklyn class this Tuesday night on Hisbodedus due to me not being able to take off enough time to prepare, but class will resume, Bizras Hashem, next Tuesday, August 19th. If you are interested in joining a phone discussion group hosted by BreslovWoman Efrat, please contact me at chayarivka at breslovwoman.org and I’ll let you know the details.

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