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Free Breslov Audio Classes For Women


1317287_75998813The most recent class series is based on the incredible teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov’s lesson called Ayeh (LM II, No. 12.) The lesson Ayeh is the moon to Azamra’s sun.

Azamra helps us navigate challenges that, with a modicum of honesty, we can clearly comprehend, and if we so choose, work to improve in those areas.

Ayeh helps us understand and deal with problems that are often obscured by darkness, constricted consciousness, and emotional pain.

Please visit our audio page to hear these and other classes. Also, for in-depth discussion of the psychospiritual aspects of Azamra, please see articles at Breslov.org.

(We have a backlog of recordings, which must be reviewed and edited for length and to edit out any personal discussion which sometimes happens in these classes.)

Also, I’ll be answering questions asked by email or in the comments, see the first Dear Breslov Woman post where we talk about narcissism!

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