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Jewish Meditation Class In Brooklyn

Fairytale Forest - SunburstAre you feeling disconnected, under pressure?

Do you wish you had someone to talk to, to really talk to?

A best-friend who helps you figure out who you are, who you want to be, and how to get there? Someone who always has your best interests at heart? Continue reading Jewish Meditation Class In Brooklyn

Mt. Azamra

spring-in-italy-1890Before quantum physicists discussed it, before pop psychologists packaged and sold it, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov explained that the power of our thoughts is so great, it creates our reality.  Continue reading Mt. Azamra

Israel And The Jews

IMG_6784_Tower of David_norm[The Holy Land of Israel] was designed to reveal Godliness, unity, and love.”—This Land Is My Land (BRI)

It is heartbreaking to hear of Jewish boys going to do battle in a place where terrorists set up shop in mosques, schools, and hospitals. It is revolting to think of the terrorists using children as human shields. It is agonizing to learn of the pointless deaths which occur because Jewish defense forces are trying to do the impossible in this defensive war: route out terrorists, yet preserve civilian lives.

Could the deaths of both Jews and Arabs have been prevented if us Jews truly recognized the special purpose of the Land of Israel and held it close to our hearts?

Yes, I believe so. Continue reading Israel And The Jews

Depression And Projection Are Spiritual Blocks


Today is the fast day of the 17th of Tammuz which begins the period of mourning and introspection called the Three Weeks. It’s a good time to take stock and think about how each of us can make the world as well as our own, personal lives, better.

The more we move towards positive spirituality, the more the world does, too. The more we improve our relationships with each other, ourselves, and God, the more the world moves towards Peace and Wholeness.

No effort is wasted. Every step you take to reach your spiritual potential, counts.

The yetzer hara (the negative inclination) has a tendency to yank us down into depression, where we become overwhelmed with our own baggage, leading to spiritual inertia.

Or, the yetzer hara leads us to dump our negative stuff on others (projection), so we can blame them instead of dealing with it ourselves.  Continue reading Depression And Projection Are Spiritual Blocks

Revive Yourself With Kindness

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOlam Chesed yibaneh  Shamayim tachin emunahscha bahev…Forever will (Your) Kindness be built…—Psalm 89:3

Often translated as “the World will be built with kindness”, Psalm 89 implies that kindness is the ultimate act of Creation, and kindness continues to sustain the World.

Without the constant creative and sustaining flow of love, we’d be left with Justice, and Creation couldn’t survive with strict Justice—we’d shrivel up under its exacting accounting.

Everything new begins with Chesed, kindness, including the beginning of everything Continue reading Revive Yourself With Kindness

Free Breslov Audio Classes For Women

1317287_75998813The most recent class series is based on the incredible teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov’s lesson called Ayeh (LM II, No. 12.) The lesson Ayeh is the moon to Azamra’s sun.

Azamra helps us navigate challenges that, with a modicum of honesty, we can clearly comprehend, and if we so choose, work to improve in those areas.

Ayeh helps us understand and deal with problems that are often obscured by darkness, constricted consciousness, and emotional pain. Continue reading Free Breslov Audio Classes For Women

Will Breslov Teachings Turn Me Into A Narcissist?

Max LiebermannDear Breslov Woman,

Breslovers are always talking about finding your good points.

If you focus so much on your good points you’ll probably turn into an egomaniac.

Whatever happened to humility?


Dear Beth,

Amazing!  This important question was asked (in slightly different words) by a learning partner as well as someone attending a recent class. Clearly your concern is shared by others.

Finding and focusing on your good points cannot lead to arrogance or narcissism if the good points you focus are nourished by emes, truth.

Truth in this case requires an awareness of Continue reading Will Breslov Teachings Turn Me Into A Narcissist?