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Relationship Class Continuing

by chaya rivka z

tetsis panayiotis greek 1925Want to meet some terrific women and spend an evening learning, connecting, and sharing a powerful discussion?

The Breslov class on relationships (with others, with yourself, and with God) will be continuing this Monday night with a discussion of part two of Azamra, Likutey Moharan, 282:2

Class will be held at 8:30 pm in Boro Park, Brooklyn. Please email me for location: chayarivka@breslovwoman.org

Can’t make it to the class? Watch for a new series on a personal view of the wisdom of Azamra, starting soon at Breslov.org.

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mirimike1@optonline.net June 2, 2014 - 10:52 pm

Hi CR Love the painting.  Who painted it? Miriam

chaya rivka June 2, 2014 - 11:06 pm

Oooh, I should have credited the artist:
Tetsis Panayiotis, 1925
I get a lot of these great painting jpgs from Esther Pam Zibell, a wonderful artist based in Crown Heights. Sometimes, I forget to download the name of the artist.
Gut Yom Tov, Miriam, it was great seeing you and Ronit in class!


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