A Rebbe In Your Living Room?

Dear BreslovWoman.org Readers,

Have the teachings of Rebbe Nachman inspired you as much as they have me?

Has learning about the soul, self-esteem, and the importance of happiness brought more joy into your life?

Would you like to learn more?

Whether you’re new to the incredible teachings of Breslov or have more knowledge, I’m excited to tell you abouta way you can experience an authentic Breslov lesson, live, in your own home.

BreslovCampus.org is bringing FREE classes taught by some of the top Breslov teachers, to you—no matter where you live.

In our virtual, interactive classroom, you’ll be able to discuss the topics that matter most to you.

As a special merit for a loved one, please consider dedicating a class in their honor. To help us reach our goal of having BreslovCampus.org up and ready by fall, 2014, please visit us at our campaign headquarters and help in any way you can.

And, remember: Classes at BreslovCampus.org starts fall, 2014! Hope to see you there.

With joy,

Chaya Rivka


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