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The Rebbe’s Gift Of Spiritual Growth

810361_43897535Rebbe Nachman often said he wanted very much for us to follow his teachings in the sense of taking one of his lessons and concentrating on it for two or three months at a time.

During this period, all our efforts towards spiritual advancement should be centered around the teachings in this particular lesson. And, all our prayers and meditations should be directed towards achieving the concepts it discusses. 

Happy is the person who takes this to heart. —Rabbi Nachman’s Wisdom

The Rebbe gave us an everlasting gift which we can use to launch and enhance our spiritual growth. These are the psycho-spiritual teachings in Likutey Moharan. Continue reading The Rebbe’s Gift Of Spiritual Growth

Bread And Breslov Joy

challahPassover’s over, and we’re all looking forward to eating Challah this Shabbos.

This raises a question: Why does chometz—leavened grain such as bread—become permissible to eat after Passover?

By the time Passover arrives, we ‘re in a chometz-free frenzy. We’re taught that chometz is likened to anger or arrogance; it’s all puffed-up with itself. We’re also taught that chometz symbolizes sadness and depression. Considering a Jew is supposed to be gentle and forgiving, humble and happy, how come we’re allowed to eat it at all?

The holy Zohar tells us that the reason we’re allowed to eat chometz the rest of the year is because Continue reading Bread And Breslov Joy

Does Passover Have To Be Stressful?

1850ukr_pesahWhen I first learned to prepare for Passover, I was literally depressed by the time this most beautiful of holidays came around.

I followed a bunch of stringencies as I had been taught; secretly I likened the experience to being a slave in a modern version of Egypt, with no way out…until Passover had passed!

Yet, in my heart I knew: This is not the way Judaism was supposed to be.

Then I began to learn the teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov. And everything changed.