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Two Keys To Overcoming Anger

2699The Rebbe told his followers how he had worked on overcoming his negative traits. When he was young he had a hot temper, and became angry at the “slightest provocation.”

But he yearned to be a good and kind person, as God also desires each of us to be. Continue reading Two Keys To Overcoming Anger

Getting Out Of A Spiritual Straitjacket

Rebbe Nachman teaches us that when we make a choice that moves us away from the light, and then repeat it, we create a concealment, a veil between us and God.

It can be difficult to remove that veil because it’s as if we’ve created a different reality, so much so that sometimes we begin to believe in the veil more than in the deep truth it conceals. Continue reading Getting Out Of A Spiritual Straitjacket

A Place In The Heart

Expecting Nissan, Solar by crz
Expecting Nissan, Solar by crz

It’s not good for a person who has Godliness in her heart, to say that a particular place is not pleasing to her. For this person, place really has no relevance at all. On the contrary, she can transcend space and experience Godliness everywhere, if she looks for it. Continue reading A Place In The Heart

Healing A Fallen Heart

                                                                                         Adar I by crz

“The main thing the Compassionate Creator wants is the heart.”—Rebbe Nachman of Breslov (LM II, 44)

The heart is the site of “fallen loves”. “Fallen loves” are one’s desires for harmful, soul-destroying things.

How did we ever fall out of love with Holy truth and fall into love with fiery and destructive (or dark and cold) passions? Continue reading Healing A Fallen Heart