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The Unique Bird


800px-Restless_flycatcher04There is a unique bird that lays a phenomenal number of eggs; so many, that she is unable to sit on them all until they hatch. 

God implanted the instinct into this unique bird’s nature that she would sneak up on another bird’s nest and put a few of her eggs in it, then go and put a few more eggs into another bird’s nest, and so on, until she put eggs in the nests of many different birds.

But the other birds don’t know that the eggs are not their’s so they sit on them until the chicks hatch. When they do, the unique mama bird then flies up with the young she hatched, and starts to sing.

All her baby chicks who were hatched in other birds’ nests recognize the voice of their mama and are instantly drawn to it. For the truth is, they really did come forth from the unique bird and now they are returning to her.

The Rebbe said this parable about his followers.

Closely based on the translation of Sichos Moharan from Tzaddik: A Portrait Of Rebbe Nachman.

Photo: Restless Flycatcher caught in down stroke by Fir0002/Flagstaffotos, Wikipedia.

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