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Shabbat Is The Training Ground For Love

by chaya rivka z

1391967_51320846On Shabbos (Shabbat), everyone experiences a certain enhancement of their perception of Godliness, and through this, their capacity to give love to their fellow creatures becomes greater.

For a person’s capacity to give love is related to the degree of his perception. And when he offers love to others, he in turn receives love from Heaven.

Rebbe Nachman of Breslov

Is the Rebbe really saying that through our experience of Shabbos we’ll become better friends, sisters, daughters, moms, and wives? Yes, he is.

On Shabbos, our awareness of the calm and peace, the stirring melodies, the omnipresent hush, and the gentle flow of night and day, helps us recognize the Godliness present in our emotions, in time, and in our inner spiritual world.

The delight of Shabbos food, beautiful clothing and colors, and the glow of the candles expands our perception of Godliness present in sensation, space, and our material world.

And, whether alone in meditation or prayer, or bonding with others at the Shabbos table, our perception of the Divine in each and every person is enhanced—and we can see the beauty of a soul. 

Our ability to truly love another is rooted in our ability to perceive the Godliness within each person. When we love God’s beloved children, God loves us. Shabbos is the training ground for this love. 




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