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The Unique Bird

800px-Restless_flycatcher04There is a unique bird that lays a phenomenal number of eggs; so many, that she is unable to sit on them all until they hatch.  Continue reading The Unique Bird

A Shabbat Song

An Iraqi melody to Kah Ribon, on oud and other instruments.

Music is a vital Jewish spiritual practice. The importance of music, lyric, and melody to Judaism and particularly to Breslov Chassidus can’t be overestimated. Rebbe Nachman of Breslov encourages us to sing, dance, and connect to our deepest spiritual self through song, for through song we become happy, and happiness is a great mitzvah.

Sing many songs at the Shabbos table. Pay no attention to any obstacles. Others at the table may show little desire to sing, but you should still do your part. Make a determined effort to sing happily. Lead the Shabbos table with happiness, because the main thing is the joy of Shabbat.

—Rebbe Nachman of Breslov

Kah Ribon is a zemer, one of the zemiros (songs) we sing on Shabbos. Zemer* means song. Zemer also means “to prune”. Pruning involves cutting away excess matter to strengthen the core, the roots. Continue reading A Shabbat Song

Shabbat Is The Training Ground For Love

1391967_51320846On Shabbos (Shabbat), everyone experiences a certain enhancement of their perception of Godliness, and through this, their capacity to give love to their fellow creatures becomes greater.

For a person’s capacity to give love is related to the degree of his perception. And when he offers love to others, he in turn receives love from Heaven.

Rebbe Nachman of Breslov

Is the Rebbe really saying that through our experience of Shabbos we’ll become better friends, sisters, daughters, moms, and wives? Continue reading Shabbat Is The Training Ground For Love

When A Seed Is Planted

1282822_56743774“…the Rebbe once said that the opposition one experiences is actually of great benefit to him, because it helps him to grow and blossom.

When a seed is planted in the ground, if the soil were to be completely solid it would be impossible for the seed to grow and develop into a tree. The earth has to part a little in order to make room for the tree to grow.

In the same way, the divisions created by the opposition one faces give him room to grow and blossom.”


Just be the seed. And your obstacles will enable your success.