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The Goal Of Life (Audio)

by chaya rivka z

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Why am I here?
What is the ultimate goal of my life?
How do I achieve this and other important goals?
How can I tell that if I am making the best possible choices for me?
How do I know what will make me truly happy?
Where should I go to get the best advice?

*Rebbe Nachman of Breslov tells us that there is always a tachlis (a purpose and goal, combined), behind a tachlis. It’s just a matter of how deep we want to dig.  This class explores some of the Rebbe’s insights as well as a reading of the Rebbe’s story A Story of Trust.

If you would like to sponsor a shiur in memory of a loved one or other reason, or if you would like to hold a class in your home, contact: chayarivka@breslovwoman.org.

*Please note: BreslovWoman classes are geared towards a variety of students and audiences with various types of secular and religious affiliations. However, many of the Rebbe’s teachings are essential for everyone, which is why, for now, we’re not labeling the ones that are being posted.

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