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Making A Fresh Start

by chaya rivka z

Sefer Yetzirah, the most ancient known Kabbalistic work, teaches us an important concept: “the end is wedged into the beginning.” Rebbe Nachman of Breslov shows us that this teaching isn’t merely some mystical or intellectual idea, but rather a foundation of how we should approach everything new endeavor.

Each day one should make a new beginning. You can even make a fresh start many times each day. Rebbe Nachman tells us of the importance of starting anew—in one’s self-improvement,relationships, learning and studying, and hisbodedus (prayerful meditation.)

For example, each time we begin hisbodedus, the Rebbe tells us to say:

“Today I am beginning to be attached to You [Hashem, God].” Each time one should make a new start, beacuse whatever comes later always goes according to the beginning. Even the philosophers say that the start is half the deed. Whatever happenes it is always good to make a new start each time and say, “Today I am beginning…”

Suppose things were already good—now they will be even better! And if they were not good before, God forbid, then it is certainly necessary to start anew.

Shevachey Moharan; Tzaddik in English translation, BRI

The Rebbe is telling us we can and indeed must begin again, as many times as necessary, in order to launch our spiritual growth.

Sometime, when things seem so hard, like we’re standing in wet clay, a fresh start seems impossible. But relief is in sight. You don’t have to start anew under your own steam.

Ask God to help you make a fresh start. Talk to Him.

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