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How To Deal With Difficult People

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATo attain true peace, a person must be willing to always judge his or her fellow favorably. He must learn to find good in others and to overlook the bad.

And, even when the other person says or does something against him, he must search for the good, or accept that the other harbored no evil intentions against him.

—Kitzur Likutey Moharan, Lesson 33

We all have the occasional rocky relationship. But if we seem to be constantly dogged by difficult people, it may be time to turn inwards.

Relationships can be our most faithful teachers and can reveal to us our authentic self. They do this by being our mirrors—in the reflection of contentious relationships we are able to see our own inner conflicts.

Warning: Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear.

On the most basic level, when we look into the face of our friends and colleagues, we see ourselves. Continue reading How To Deal With Difficult People

What’s A Breslover?

boys-will-be-boys-1146660-mThere are no coincidences.

Every event in our life has meaning—whether we are able to connect the dots or not. Every sight we see, every person we meet, even every word we hear, exists to help us draw closer to our true purpose.* Continue reading What’s A Breslover?

What Does Your Love Amount To?

732128_72168845“Their love also doesn’t amount to anything”, that is, the love and friendship which exist among…the common mass of people. Theirs is not true love. Each one is only concerned with his own interests. Any expressions of love and friendship are purely a matter of show, in order to make a good impression, for ulterior motives.

In actual fact, everyone is jealous of everyone else.

Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, Tzaddik, 471

The Rebbe goes on to tell us other uncomfortable truths about our standards of love, friendship, and jealousy. Continue reading What Does Your Love Amount To?

Happiness Leads To Success

tulipsA person who is always happy, succeeds.—Sefer Hamiddos, The Book of Attributes (The Aleph-Bet Book)

People believe that when they become “successful”, then they’ll be happy.

Rebbe Nachman of Breslov says the opposite is true. Being joyful, encouraging yourself to be happy, looking for things to feel positive about—these are what lead to success.

If we look at successful people, some are happy, many are not. That’s proof that success does not necessarily lead to happiness.  Continue reading Happiness Leads To Success

Flawed? Perfect?

800px-Einstein_gyro_gravity_probe_bMay we possess no foolish, conceited thoughts…May we recognize our imperfections…

May we forget about our impressive family background and anything else that might make us haughty. Instead, may we stand before You like paupers, aware of our paltriness. 

—Prayer Number 97, Likutey Tefillos (The Fiftieth Gate, BRI)

“Please! I already feel so low, why do I have to speak to God about my imperfections? He already knows what they are. I already know what they are. (Boy, do I.)”

If you’re thinking this, I don’t blame you. Many of us put ourselves down, beat ourselves up. We focus on our flaws and this makes us feel terrible.

Why would we ever want to turn the spotlight on our imperfections? Continue reading Flawed? Perfect?

The Goal Of Life (Audio)

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Why am I here?
What is the ultimate goal of my life?
How do I achieve this and other important goals?
How can I tell that if I am making the best possible choices for me?
How do I know what will make me truly happy?
Where should I go to get the best advice?

*Rebbe Nachman of Breslov tells us that there is always a tachlis (a purpose and goal, combined), behind a tachlis. It’s just a matter of how deep we want to dig.  This class explores some of the Rebbe’s insights as well as a reading of the Rebbe’s story A Story of Trust.

If you would like to sponsor a shiur in memory of a loved one or other reason, or if you would like to hold a class in your home, contact:

*Please note: BreslovWoman classes are geared towards a variety of students and audiences with various types of secular and religious affiliations. However, many of the Rebbe’s teachings are essential for everyone, which is why, for now, we’re not labeling the ones that are being posted.

Reb Nosson’s Heart

At Reb Nosson's Gravesite in Breslov, Ukraine
At Reb Nosson’s Gravesite in Breslov, Ukraine

Nosson Sternhartz, known as Reb Nosson, was Rebbe Nachman’s leading talmid (disciple) and scribe. If not for him, we wouldn’t have the Rebbe’s teachings today, at least not in such detail. Continue reading Reb Nosson’s Heart