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Hisbodedus–Bridging The God Gap

by chaya rivka z

671473_43252177Every individual knows her own personal pain and sorrow and the distance that separates herself from God. —Rebbe Nachman of Breslov

How can we make the distance between us and God less? Each of the following is a vital step towards connection:

Learning Torah in general and the teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov in particular

Sharing what we’ve learned with others (and vice versa)

Doing mitzvos and good deeds

The first, learning, is one way to begin to commune with and understand your deepest, truest, self. We need to know who we are(and who we are in a larger context), in order to connect with others.

The second, sharing, is a beautiful way to bond with others and increase love and goodwill. We need to love God’s creations in order to fully love God.

The third, doing, is an important way of acknowledging and living your connection with the Holy, Blessed One. We need to do what God has asked us to do in order to grow our faith and reveal our relationship with Him.

But hisbodedus, prayerful meditation in which you simply talk to God and tell Him whatever is on your mind and in your heart, not only enhances the learning, sharing and doing, but is essential in its own right.

Hisbodedus is the most elemental form of prayer, and is the uniquely personal way to corelate with your Creator.

It’s also an effective way to learn about yourself, motivate  yourself, and begin to chart your own personal life-path.

Hisbodedus is simple. And challenging. And overwhelming. And joyful. And heart-wrenching. And releasing. Sometimes, it is merely dutiful.

But no matter how it appears, speaking with Hashem in your own words is Rebbe Nachman’s premier prescription for healing your soul and finding your authentic life path.

It is also the bridge to peace and happiness in this life and beyond.


Note: There are several hisbodedus “formulas” and breslovwoman.org will discuss a few of them in upcoming posts.

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